The Importance of Logos for Branding & Businesses

Business Logo|Logo Design

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that the logo is one of the most significant parts of a brand or a business. Without a proper logo, the chances of success of a brand or a business or not very high and this goes special for companies that do not have proper online logos. A logo can be ...

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Importance of Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies For Startup Business

Starting with a brand new company means making the most of potential customer exposure for garnering a good client base. Nevertheless, the digital space is where you will come across thousands of competitors serving the same business. This is a scenario where digital and social media marketing strategies can make or break the company. It is sensible for a company, ...

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Top Web designing trends in 2016

Website designing trends 2016

There are few predictions on 2016 web-designing trends and these predictions will be quite helpful in increasing the overall value and productivity of website designs. List of latest trends of web designs Sketch application is nothing but Mac-only application that has been created specifically for mobile and web designers of 2016. Vector elements can be crafted along with the acquisition ...

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How to Make a Website Unique and Responsive?

To make the website best in the run of competitors, the quality parameters must be considered first and foremost. It is important that the product must be portrayed appropriately in a best possible manner. The most significant aspect is the unique selling proposition and to know the target audience. Easy navigation throughout the pages is the key to success. Importance ...

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State Security Parameters for Facebook Account?

facebook security

Facebook is a major social networking platform that connects people from across the continents. It is perhaps the frequently hacked platform as well, due to the ease of accessibility from any device and all Operating systems. To keep your Facebook account safe from the web of hackers, it is imperative that you must assign a unique username and password to ...

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How Social Media Platforms Help Promote a Product

important of social media in website design

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest are top media platforms that help a website or a product reaching worldwide audience in no time. You can meet the target audience and know about their likings and get ideas on how to make a product better. Social platforms provide a flexibility to respond to an issue in a very ...

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Reasons Responsible for Slow Performance of a Website?

Excessive coding or bulky algorithms can make a website slow and it might take a large volume of time to upload. Images that are edited using heavy software applications as well as the images that run on flash can lead to slow performance. Too much images of heavy format can weaken the speed of the website. Moreover, embedded images involve ...

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How to Assess Quality Parameters of a Website?

There are certain parameters that evaluate the quality parameters of a website. First of all, the web design must provide ease of accessibility and must be supported over all smart devices of different screen resolution. Secondly, the web design must be compatible with all operating systems and major web browsers. It must not take time to upload as it seems ...

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How to Ensure if The Website is Mobile Friendly or Not?

For an effective business strategy, it is important that a website must support all operating systems and must be accessible on mobiles as well. With the evolution of smart phones, the technology has taken a new face where small screen overtakes all essential tasks. There are several online tool that let you know if the website is mobile friendly or ...

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Guidelines for Google Penalty Recovery Service

google penalty recovery

When a Google search algorithms are updated, a negative impact takes place on the website’s ranking in the search engine listing, this loss of ranking is referred to as Google penalty. Under this, the websites are penalized by Google, if it notices that they are engaged in the practice(s) that are against the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. To overcome the loss ...

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