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Business Card Design – Do’s and Don’ts

In the present age, most of the people have forgotten the impact and importance of a well designed business card. They are of this mindset that business cards are no more effective and they can efficiently survive without them.

Purpose of Business Cards

An experienced business card is very appropriate and instrumental in rightly representing the particular organization’s face value among the prospective customers. An entrepreneur can use a professionally and aesthetically designed business card as a branding tool in order to advertise the profile of the organization. A professional can carve out an impressive and eye-catching business identity of the organization with the help of professionally designed business cards. A business card excellently performs a very significant part of any team member of the company. It awesomely portrays a particular organization’s picture and the various contact details in a very beneficial and durable way for the client. Professional Business cards still play a vital role in promoting your business and increasing your network. No matter how many or what new technologies keep on adding into our society, business cards have been and will always be of great significance in providing you promotional opportunities.

Business Card Design image

Business Card designed by the Creative team of Go-Designy

Role of Business Cards in building the reputation of the business
As a professionally designed business card performs a primary role in building the professional identity of the company and the individual working for the company, it should be very appropriately and attractively developed. A visually striking design of a professional business card enables a user to connect a suitable message to the focus on the audience.

Tips for creating an impressive design for the business cards

  • An eye-catching design and layout of professional business card conveys a right image of professionalism.
  • Keep the design elite, that is, something which is both royal as well as simple.
  • You can also brand or enhance the business cards for the purpose of creating a completely suitable and long-lasting impression on the client. For instance, you are working in an advertisement agency and you want to project the creativity through professional business cards.
  • A professional can select shiny shades for the background and font color for making the particular design exclusive and eye-catching. This results in an effect of the creativity of an organization.
  • The corporate materials that you use for creating a professional business card also play a very significant part in leaving a beneficial effect. In other words, you should use a top and high quality paper stock for creating excellent business cards.
  • A person can also use the premium quality printing ink of excellent quality. An entrepreneur can use the vegetable based ink for the various printing purposes. These vegetable based inks are environment-friendly as they are made of the vegetable oils. They are better than using chemical-based ink. The vegetable-based ink creates a topmost high quality posting ink on professional business cards.
  • The font types, font sizes and font shades are the most exclusive elements that can enhance the excellent quality of the business cards.
  • Choose your text rightly. You get a very small space for writing anything on a business card. Always right something that sticks to the mind of its reader and compels them to think more on the same.

Don’ts of Business Cards Designing:

  • Write important and useful information on the back of business Cards –  The back side of your business card is an extra add on facility for you. One should never rely on this side of the card, as people often tend to overlook it. Always try to include all the important and valuable information on the front side of your business card.
  • Overdo with text – Be very concise and simple in describing about you and your company. No one likes to go through all the details on the business card itself. Only mention the necessary points and leave something for the person to ponder upon and compel them to call you for more.
  • Combine too many things at the same time.
  • Play too much with colors – Elegant and Elite always wins the race. Although, every company might have their own requisites and demands, but always try to portray a look that is long lasting.
  • Alter the standard size of business card until and unless you have such a special need. You can always go for a lot of alterations with the text, stuff, design, the corner shapes, etc., but altering the shape of business card might cause you your reputation. Think wisely before taking such a step.

Our expert business card designers at Go-Designy are very skilled in creating the right and effective business cards that depict the image of your organizational profile rightly. Call 1844-608-6088 to know more.

Laura Stevens
Marketing Analyst

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