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Guidelines for Google Penalty Recovery Service

Penalty RecoveryWhen a Google search algorithms are updated, a negative impact takes place on the website’s ranking in the search engine listing, this loss of ranking is referred to as Google penalty. Under this, the websites are penalized by Google, if it notices that they are engaged in the practice(s) that are against the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. To overcome the loss that occurred due to the penalty, Google Penalty Recovery Services are being offered by many organizations.

Understand Google Updates

There are different types of algorithm updates being done by Google from time to time and the websites are penalized if they are found to be involved in negative advertising or pessimistic marketing strategies. These updates are as under:

It checks each and every word in a query to ensure if the entire query matches the search criteria rather than the few words. The main goal is to make the overall page more meaningful than just a few lines.

Panda Update
It is being introduced to stop the websites that contain poor quality content. Due to inappropriate SEO practices, these sites sometimes able to secure higher rank in the search engine listings.

Penguin Update
The Penguin update is being introduced by Google to trap the sites that spams the Google’s search results. Some website do marketing of their product by buying the links or by obtaining the links through the link networks.

Pigeon Update
This update is being done to improve the location and distance ranking parameters. It puts an impact on the local businesses as the website might suffer from a noticeable decrease or increase of leads or referrals in the search engine rankings.

Apart from this, there are many other Google algorithm updates such as EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update, Pirate Update, Mobile Friendly Update, Top Heavy Update, etc. and all these may affect the websites abruptly.

Are You Penalized by Google?

As a consequence, the websites loss their ranking in the search engine result lists. If recently the traffic from the website plunged, it may have occurred due to these updates. If this happens, as a result, you might have been hit by one or all of the following penalties:

  • You might be notified by Google for manual penalty.
  • Your website might get disappeared from the Google result listings.
  • Web site traffic falls down abruptly within a short time span.
  • Due to unnatural links or other inappropriate SEO practices, you might get a warning from Google.

Looking for Google Penalty Recovery Services?

google penalty recoveryGoDesigny helps you get back into compliance and recover your website ranking on the search engine results listings. This is being done by reviewing the website overall aspects including content, links, etc. Modern and updated SEO techniques are implemented and executed by the professional experts to gain a higher ranking on the Google and other search engine result lists.

No matter, whatever be the reason for Google penalty, we assure complete and satisfactory recovery from the penalty phase with attention to all essential aspects. The long lasting penalty recovery services are offered at a very reasonable and affordable price packages. For more information visit: https://www.godesigny.com/

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