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Mistakes to Avoid while Designing and Printing Invitation Cards

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Today I am going to discuss with you all the 10 common mistakes people do when designing invitation cards

Invitation cards as we all know are basically used for the purpose of calling/inviting people for some kind of occasion. It gives all the important details to your respective audience about the date, venue and the schedule for the occasion. Invitation cards can be of various types depending upon the type and reason of occasion.Invitation Cards Mistakes

Before getting the invitation cards designed, keep in mind the following points:

Case 1 : If you are the organizer, or the host of the occasion

  1. Carefully plan out the reason for the occasion. Until and unless you are fully cognizant of the fact about what is the occasion is all about and you have a clear picture of it, you won’t be able to get a lovely design designed by the designer.
  2. Sit and calculate who all would be attending it. If the occasion is for professionals, corporate or office staff, then get the design accordingly, if it is going to be attended by friends and family then instruct your designer in that direction, else if it is going to be an assorted occasion, then you got to be very particular about the mix and match in your invitation card designing process.
  3. Always look at the portfolio of the designer. Don’t just give your project to any Jack, Johny or Jim. Hire someone who can design as per your requisites.
  4. After making the designer fully aware of your demands, let him/her do the work. Don’t give any suggestions or comments while the designing process is still on. First see the creativity of the person, and then ask for any alterations or redraw. (If you keep on adding your points, then there are chances that you don’t exactly get what you have been waiting for)
  5. (In case you plan for printing) Always take suggestions from the designer for the quality and type of paper you must get the cards printed on.

Case 2: If you are a graphic designer

  1. Understand the needs of your client in full dimensions. Ask him/her all the possible questions to get through what he/she is actually looking for.
  2. On being fully aware, give suggestions if any, and also take prior permissions if the customer is open for any changes or not.
  3. Don’t overdo with colors. Never mix lots of colors together, nor make use of single bold or single dull color. Colors should bring the soothing effect to the eyes of reader and also should be able to catch the attention.
  4. The style of the text matters. Many a times, we think that the style of the text isn’t of much importance, but this is not true. Let me tell you, the text style portrays the seriousness of the occasion. Choose the style as per the demand of the occasion.
  5. The text shouldn’t be hidden in the background. Your experience and creativity would ultimately be displayed when you write the text in the card. Keep in mind the appropriate spacing, colors and as said before, the style of the text. The information to be conveyed through the card is important for both the host and the guests. So, be wise in dealing this section of the invitation cards
  6. Always give good and reliable suggestions to the clients. Don’t just think about the money you are going to get from the project but the recommendations you would receive, because that is what is ultimately going to help you in long run.

Invitation cards play a very vital role when it comes to any kind of occasion. It’s designing would certainly mark an impression in your audiences’ mind about what kind and standard of occasion they are going to attend. So, don’t underestimate the power of a well designed invitation card. Keep these small yet crucial points in your mind and enjoy.

Stay tuned for more.

Till then, take care and go on designing.

Laura Stevens
Marketing Analyst

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