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Top Web designing trends in 2016

There are few predictions on 2016 web-designing trends and these predictions will be quite helpful in increasing the overall value and productivity of website designs.Website designing Trends

List of latest trends of web designs

  • Sketch application is nothing but Mac-only application that has been created specifically for mobile and web designers of 2016. Vector elements can be crafted along with the acquisition of few improved Photoshop affects especially layer styles and text effects. Outstanding UI-designing trend can be invited in 2016 with this app.
  • Writing codes along with syntax highlighting and suggestions have been made easier with browser-based IDEs. Internet access can be utilized for writing codes by web browsers. Some of the most popular options of these improved IDEs are Codepen, Mozilla thimble and codeply.
  • Content-heavy WebPages can be easily created by using website based car layouts. Google Now’s landing page has used card layouts so that the data or information can be effectively maintained without any mess.
  • The company service or product can be illustrated in a better way by including customized explainer videos. These videos are highly demonstrative and thus the targeted customers can come to know about product features in details. Only animated videos are being created like Instagram Direct, Crazy egg and many more.
  • Sharing Product reviews can create an incredible impact as it caters necessary info regarding the usages or operation of the products. Customized landing-pages or home-pages are getting created with these live videos. This design is being created on the basis of browser capabilities and internet speed.
  • Frontend development has been initiated with the introduction of task runners like grunt and Gulp. Automation has now taken the place of manual efforts and thus mistakes have been reduced to a great extent. Task runners are mainly based on customized JS codes.
  • Specialized collaboration tools are getting used for creating more and more innovative web designs. Improved chat applications have been included in order to make the design more innovative and unique and some common applications of this type are Notable, Slack and others.
  • Frontend frameworks have been made responsive so that both professional and personal projects can be highly facilitated. In this respect, Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6 are about to release in 2016 and they can enhance the user experience for sure.
  • Outstanding user-experience can be acquired with the use of UX design and on the other hand the main goal will also be achieved. All digital interfaces entertain the implementation of UX principles and some valuable details can be extracted from resources like free eBooks on UX, and UX stack-exchange.
  • New web projects can be easily maintained and initiated by package managers like NPM and Bower. Few terminal commands are to be used and these commands can speed up the projects by reducing time and energy.
  • Different improved codes must be learnt by the web designers so that more additional and advanced features can be added to web designs.
  • Some web applications and online tools are available for free and they can be used for making necessary changes in web designs.

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