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Why is Unique Content important for your site?

Before I start, I would like you all to think, why is content called to be the king of internet marketing? What is the reason behind giving such an authoritative position to something which most of the people are not interested in looking at? Why is content marketing the most and the most important factor in helping you achieve a good rank in search engine result pages?Content Marketing imageHello All, Hope you all are good and are doing well. Today I am going to discuss on the very important 3 words: “CONTENT IS KING”.

What exactly do we mean, when we talk about Unique Content?
Unique content is nothing but a write up that has not been copied from any online source. Yes, the ideas can definitely be taken from internet, but duplicate content is something which is copied word by word from one place to another. Whether the content is copied from its head to toe or some paragraphs, or a few sentences, that does not matter, copied simply means copied content. Also, if a person himself has written something that is completely unique and then posts it on several sites, then also it would be filtered by the search engines. The site which would be crawled earliest would be considered having a unique content, and the same posted on others, would be considered as spam.

How do Search engines come to know whether or not your content is unique?
Certain algorithms, software or tools are created and launched by the search engines, time and again, to check the duplicate content present on the websites. For instance, Google launched Panda algo for this purpose. Google and other famous search engines have been making all these efforts to give useful and relevant information to their users. Therefore, as a copied content is baseless for the readers, Panda would filter such sites with copied content and consider those web pages as spam. Now suppose you yourself want to know if the content you have written will be penalized by search engines or not, then there are certain tools available online (both free as well as paid) that can help you solve this issue.

How is Content the King?
Your informative, unique, relevant, keywords based content is what is going to help your site increase its web presence. If fresh and unique content is present on your site, only then the search engines would consider your site a good one. Content is the ultimate boss of this online game. You can do nothing without good content. Your site can never stand better chances to perform well on google and other search engines without content or with copied content. All in all, search engines want to give a great experience to their users and for that they do not want same write up to be present simultaneously on any 2 sites, else, it would be considered as spam.
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Laura Stevens
Marketing analyst

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