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File Setup for Bleeds, Cutline and Safety

File Setup for Bleeds, Cutline and Safety

Bleeds, Cut Line, Safety

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Problem Artwork File

Bleeds: The artwork needs to be extended to the ‘redline’ if it reaches the available ‘Cutline’. For an accurate bleed, set the original size to 0.25” and set 0.125” for each side of the image.

Note: The text that appears outside the blue line will be trimmed-off automatically. So, make sure that the important data would not fall outside the blue line.

Print Ready Artwork File


Bleeds: For an accurate bleed, the artwork can be extended to the red dotted line.

Note: To safeguard the data from getting trimmed, make sure that it lies inside the dotted blue line.



Bleed is an essential component for all the artworks. Add 0.125” inches to each side of the artwork to allow the trim procedure. For example: For a 5”x7” artwork with full bleed, set the image size to 5.25”x7.25” for the red box.

This way, 0.125 from each side of the artwork will get trimmed during the trimming process and the original 5”x7” size image will be left behind, in the dotted black box.

To keep the text untrimmed, make sure that it remains 0.125” inside the dotted blue line on each side of the artwork.