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File Setup for Borders

File Setup for Borders


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Borders Bad File

Borders: For the artwork which is 3/8” thick, ensure that the minimum border thickness for the artwork is 1/4” and the ‘Bleed’ is set to 1/8”.

If the border is not 1/4” thick, it might result in uneven border lining on all the four sides while printing the artwork. The thickness of the border from the ‘cutline’ is represented by the dotted green line.

Borders Good File
  • 1/8" Added for Bleed
  • 1/4" Minimum Border Size

The thickness of the border must be set to 1/4” size, whereas the bleed must be kept 1/8” for a 3/8” artwork.

While using borders in the artwork, make sure that there is 0.25 inches difference of white space from the border to the ‘Cutline’ for a symmetric appearance.

It is important to know that for the printed material, the cutting procedure has a mechanical tolerance of 0.0625 inches.