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Fonts and Transparency Problems

Fonts and Transparency Problems

Font and Transparency

The Fonts and the tendency of the Transparency, used in the InDesign, Illustrator and other vector format software must be outlined and flattened. If the fonts are not outlined or the transparency is not flattened, it might result in missing text as well as graphics from the artwork.

Adobe Illustrator

Follow the undermentioned instructions for Outlining the Fonts and Flattening the Transparency:

How to check if my font/object dropped out.

  • Make sure to check
    Tick mark the checkbox associated with ‘Convert all Text to Outlines’.
  • Make sure to uncheck
    Make sure to tick the checkbox that says ‘Convert All Strokes to Outlines’.
  • Next, ensure that the checkboxes for ‘Preserve Alpha Transparency’ are unmarked.
  • Check, if the ‘Preserve Overprints and Source Color’ checkbox is unmarked.
  • Then, save the file as ‘Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3)’.
  • Press Ctrl A or Cmd A to select all the components of the artwork.
  • Go to ‘Object’ and select ‘Flatten Transparency’.