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How We Do

How We Do

How We Work

It is always our goal to create brand designs that capture the essence of your company's message. If your clients and customers get to know and clearly understand of who you are by what they have a look on, then our job is well done.

Understanding The Concept:

We begin by conversations / questionnaires to discuss your needs, goals, timeline, and budget. We love talking shop!


With your goals and budget in mind, we head back to jot down additional information.

  • Free revisions if required
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Decade of experience in the same business
  • Unique
  • Quick turn-around time
  • 24/7 client assistance


We’ll get you an estimate, and if it looks fine, we’ll write up the full-fledged proposal for you to sign, which outlines everything in detail

Plan With Questionnaires:

You have ideas. We have Ideas.

So let’s get together face to face / over phone for a fun and creative kick- off meeting and make brain babies.

  • What are your goal / vision? What’s in bounds and off limits?
  • If you don’t have a clear vision, let’s brainstorm
  • We’ll send you some questionnaires specially designed for you as per your project, to better understand your needs.


Now we need some time to think and ponder upon your project and company. This often leads to more questions

  • Questionnaires, interviews, tastings, etc., are all common.
  • mood boards help to focus our directions.
  • We’ll send you some questionnaires specially designed for you as per your project, to better understand your needs.


This involves the presentation of the concept. Our Brain hurt, our sketchbooks are full, and we’re excited to shoe you some ideas. So now it is the time to put forward our first round of rough design concepts.


Now you have the difficult task of choosing your favorite design concept. They are all so good!! Once you choose, it’s back to design lab for refinement.

Review + Testing

This is a design refinement step. We now go back and forth with rounds of feedback and design until we are both happy. During this phase we begin to consider the feasibility and economics of production.

Develop on Approval

Whether the project is print, web or signage, we’ll manage the production process for you to ensure the final quality of the product.

  • This is partly selfish – we want the final piece to rock.

Delivery and support:

The new design / brand looks awesome, sure, but now let’s keep an eye on the data to see how it all performs as time passes.

  • Can we make adjustments to boost performance?
  • Will we discover an additional need or brilliant idea?


It’s best to maintain a strong relationship after this first project, because we now know you better than most and can offer insights and ideas to continually enhance your brand.

  • It’s good thing we like each other so much.