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Website speed optimization service

Website Speed Optimization Service by Go-Designy

Go-Designy furnishes top-of-the-line WordPress site speed optimization services, thereby ensuring a first page ranking on Google’s SERPs. We at Go-Designy will accelerate the page speed to an extent where your site becomes one of the speediest websites in the virtual world. You can experience the benefits first-hand-better SEO ranking leading to increased traffic which in turn results in more conversions, ultimately improving bottom-line.

Our site speed optimization services guarantee a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved. On one hand, internet surfers have a unique user experience once they log in to the websites we’ve optimized for speed. On the other, our clients who subscribe to our WP website speed optimization services, witness a rebound in sales. 

So, what is it about our page load speed optimization services that make them so sought after? For a start, we do not do different things but do things differently. We employ highly skilled and experienced professionals who can deliver the goods and make websites performance-oriented.   

What exactly is site speed? How does site speed differ from page speed?

More often than not, website owners and net surfers are unable to distinguish between site speed and page speed. Both metrics are usually grouped together as they’ve a bearing on pageview quality, UX (user experience), conversions, and SEO rankings. The rapidness or speed with which a specific website loads on the browser when you click on its URL or web address is known as site speed.

The faster you website loads on the internet, the quicker users or visitors are able to log in and navigate through the portal. Considering that majority of users log in to a site usually from their mobiles, the average load time for a smartphone landing page is about 22 seconds. However, studies point out that more than 50% users will not think twice before moving on if sites with an average webpage size of 1.88MB take over 3 seconds to open.

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In order to optimize site speed, we do the following:-

  • Minification and unification of JavaScript and CSS across the site
  • Rescheduling or eliminating render-blocking JS and CSS scripts for WP sites
  • Using an effective content delivery network (CDN) for caching files in global servers
  • Doing away with idle databases, code, scripts, and themes
  • Deleting obsolete http/https requests and scripts
  • Streamlining https and http requests
  • Correctly naming and sorting site resources     

Page speed or page load speed is the rate at which a particular page of a site loads on the web browser. The page speed should be faster than site speed as the total amount of resources (content, graphics, and adverts, and so on) to be loaded is less with the former. To optimize page speed (i.e. reduce load time), we focus on the following specifics:-

  • Minimize the size of the images in the webpage
  • Remove fonts, scripts or codes that do not serve any purpose with reference to the webpage
  • Delete unnecessary and unwarranted images
  • If required, remove or block scripts (which are insignificant for the webpage) from rendering and loading
  • Doing away with unused widgets and plug-ins using UX tools
  • Removing outdated pixels and scripts from the webpage 


Why improving site speed matters

There’s an anecdote that continues to be abidingly popular on the Internet. Which is the best place to bury something which people will never be able to trace? The answer: On Google’s second page. Surely, you’d not want your site to remain buried on the second, third or subsequent SERPs of Google if you’re serious about promoting your online presence.

More than 75% of users or visitors do not look beyond the first page when Googling for information about a topic, product or service. So, there’s no question of your site featuring on any other page other than the first page of Google. Your website has to figure on the first SERP of Google so as to direct more traffic to your portal.

The greater the traffic, the higher the conversions, and better is the SEO ranking of your site. And a boosted SEO ranking translates into increased sales and improved bottom line. Our site optimization services results in providing your site’s users an unparalleled and unique user experience. 


We can expedite your WordPress website in an unprecedented way

We always have and continue to maintain transparency in conducting our day-to-day business. We uphold the highest ethical standards while offering our services and ensure that we deliver what we’ve promised to our clients. We strictly refrain from:-

  • Suggesting our customers to opt for fake ‘load times’ that are unrelated to the issues their site visitors are facing
  • Promoting monthly or yearly service packages that are redundant
  • Channeling clients through to a sales funnel where they’re tricked into spending much more than what they actually need to

Rather, we follow a very meticulous procedure of evaluating an array of different performance algorithms for making your site superfast for your users. Once we’re through with our speed optimization process, you’ve a performance-oriented, customized site that is self-sustaining, resilient, and progressive. We optimize your site exactly as you’d want it to be so that you can smoothly carry on with your core business activities.

Literally speaking, after we’re done with optimizing your WP site for speed, it may not be possible to make the site any faster.

We keep Google in good humor: We provide the search engine what it wants

There are innumerable myths abounding in the online realm about the parameters Google gives importance to when it embarks on a site ranking drive. Google does not care about site load or page load speed, site’s page speed insight grades or website scores on best practices. 

What Google really cares about is your site’s visitors’ user experience (UX) or the quality of UX to be precise. Websites that have fully implemented ‘Progressive Rendering’ happen to be the blue-eyed boys of Google. To put it differently, Google lays emphasis on performance metrics that keep the visitor’s user experience in mind. These metrics comprise:-

  • Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • First Paint Time
  • Start Render Time
  • Time to Above-the-Fold-Visual Completion
  • domContentLoaded Time
  • Time to Interactivity 
  • Google's Speed Index

And our existing and would-be customers would be pleased to know that we’ve the tools for making the most of the above performance metrics.

How we do it differently

First and foremost, we scrutinize your entire website in general. We take advantage of analytics and assessment tools and techniques like mouse movement, clicks, scrolls, heat maps, and webpage activity to understand the problems. For instance, the analytical tools help us to determine whether users are facing navigation issues, getting redirected to another page, and so on.

Many e-commerce sites have complained that their shopping cart is taking a long time to load. Thereafter, we try to find out the crucial SEO pages-the ones attracting the maximum traffic and driving up sales. Next, we focus on how to optimize speed on a webpage by webpage basis. More often, visitors don’t interact with the social media widgets or features for going through users’ comments and giving their own feedbacks. 

We work on these issues for accelerating or optimizing page speed. Sometimes, particular illustrations and representations that were not backed up properly are miniaturized or minified for facilitating speed optimization. Following a thorough analysis of the website with the objective of identifying snags that are bringing down load speed, we set up a gamut of optimization plug-ins.

The majority of firms that render site speed optimization services, call it a day after installing just a few plug-ins. But we at Go-Designy do not believe in taking a half-baked approach but go the whole hog.   

We increase the speed at least twofold of the websites we deal with 

A good number of our prospects are eager to know the extent by which we can rev-up their websites.  We can guarantee that we’ve the capacity to make WP websites’ main UX-based performance yardsticks two times faster than what they were before subscribing to our site speed optimization services. Customers whose sites are poorly optimized or mostly unoptimized can expect page load speed to go up 10 times!

We stand by our website speed optimization services

We completely stand by our website speed optimization services. In case we’re unable to deliver, we guarantee to reimburse you to the extent of 110%.